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How To Wear Business Casual Like A Boss

Making a professional impression is imperative. It not only exudes confidence but also creates respect among the peers. Gone are the days when the professional look was confined to wearing a proper business suit with a tie and suit pants. Today, the style of dressing for business has become distinctive in nature. A good chunk of companies opting business casual as a dress code shows the diversified mind set of professional-dressing.

Within the business casual, there is a sea of choice. One needs to Understand the level of formality as one company’s polished and professional look may be other’s stuffy and uptight. So, we should always choose our business casual as per the day that lies ahead.

How To Choose Your Perfect Business Casual

Until 1966, people had casual wear for weekends while relaxing at home, and business attire for office days. A Business outfit always included a suit and a tie. The era post-1966 saw the emergence of business casual and today, it is accepted quite gracefully in many corporate cultures.

The dressing for business casual is relatively dynamic. It is difficult to say which business casual is more appropriate and one has to decide the perfect match based on following scenarios.

Are You Meeting The Clients?

You can never compromise on your professional look while meeting the clients. Being dressed professionally conveys the message that you take business seriously. Such situation demands your business casual to be closer to business formal, though you won’t be wearing a business suit.

A khaki or light-colored blazer with coordinating pants would be your best bet. The button-down, light blue shirt with a matching tie will complement your blazer better. Wear a classic dress-shoes that match your pants.  In terms of shoe-colour, brown, burgundy and oxblood are a great companion for business casual.

Attending An Important Internal Meeting

Employees want to dress a bit casual while in office. But if you want to impress your boss you got to look a bit professional. A single-breasted navy blazer is a timeless and most classic attire for business casual and gels effortlessly with numerous shirt colors.

Navy blazer goes well with khakis, gray slacks or chinos. A light-coloured, button-down collar shirt with or without a tie will give a perfect balanced attire for an internal meeting. Instead of wearing typical dress shoes you can go for loafers or any other casual dress shoes.

Working Peacefully At Your Desk

While at desk, you are more likely to have a relaxed attitude. A cotton dress shirt in light blue, white or pastel color is perfect when in a relaxed state. They can also be elevated to a more sophisticated business casual for a last-minute meeting by adding a tie kept in your drawer. Pair them with chinos, khakis, and corduroys.

Asserting confidence and authority while in business-casual is relatively harder, but you have to show you know the business and take it seriously. So, the Thumb rule is “dressing the part” you are going to play. Always have a jacket and tie inside the desk-drawer in case something unexpected pops up which requires you to look more professional. You may consider a more casual wrist watch or a dress watch depending on your outfit to add a touch of elegance. Follow our simple guide and conquer the world of business casual.