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  • 100% Pure Natural Cotton
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Breathable
  • Classic fit Style
  • Fused Interlining Collar
  • 2Ply Super 100 GSM Fabric
Comfort is all about how you feel inside. Your body language says it all how your fabric gels with you. Wearing a quality fabric makes you cool, calm and collected and hence having the right outfit that goes with you all day long is a must. While comfort is not limited to any specific part of the body, your upper body part, perhaps, requires it the most. Hence, Thread Champs brings you the best quality formal shirt that takes your comfort level to a new high.


100% cotton fabric for a clean and professional look.


High performance technology adds to your comfort even when you are in a play ground.


Sweat Protection -A formal shirt with moisture wicking technology keeps you cool while shopping in a humid condition.


Have a leisure time by pool side with the soft and breathable fabric.

Stop Compromising

Are you still trying to fit into your sticky and clumsy shirt that makes you gasp for a fresh air? You are in a pool of sweat and your tenacious shirt just does not want to stay away from your body. Perhaps, you have been punished enough but just a bit reluctant to discontinue the long liaison with your scratchy and uncomfortable shirt.

This is the sticky situation, most of us are trapped into. We spend on what looks catchy rather than qualities that actually matters. And even after being pushed to the limit of intolerability, we somehow manage to make do with it. Neither our body nor the surroundings is same what it used to be some decades ago. With ever-increasing temperature and stifling humidity, it’s a high time for every one of us to curate our wardrobe choices wisely.

Sweaty People! Find A Solution

The tricky situation just doesn’t cease to exist for those who have a hyperactive sweat gland and still wear not so skin friendly cloths. People who usually sweat more than others are more likely to face awkward situation, especially when in crowded place. Admit it, you cannot hide your dampened shirt from many naked eyes that are staring at you. Excessive perspiration and awkwardly positioned sweat marks are common jitters that they have to battle through all day long.

Sweating is common to all, but how we deal with it makes the difference. Yes, we agree the atmosphere is steamy with no respite whatsoever. What’s the solution then? It’s all in the fabrics we wear.

  • Focus on warm-weather friendly fabrics.
  • Stay away from sweat inducing materials.
  • Choose natural fibres instead of synthetic ones.

Wear Cotton Whenever Possible

If you ever decide to brave the heat, opt for a shirt that is made of lightweight cotton fabric. Cotton is one of the most breathable and comfortable fabrics that wicks away moisture and sweat and keeps you cool all the time. The interlocking threads of cotton knits create airy loops that moves freely through the fabric making the heat more bearable. Fabrics made of natural cellulose cotton should be your ultimate choice to chill out in stickiest days.

No Manmade Fabric Please

When we say manmade fabric, we mean durability. Polyester is one of the manmade durable fabrics with zero absorption. You keep on sweating; your good friend polyester will let them pass by happily. Lots of sweat with nowhere to go is highly uncomfortable. Wearing a sticky and unbreathable cloth in hot and humid surrounding would be the last thing we would want in our life.

No Manmade Fabric Please

You are what you feel inside and our body language says it all. If you are not comfortable with your clothing, take a day of reflection. Remember we look good when we feel good about ourselves. That’s why Thread Champs always gives priority to your comfort and make clothing that complements your personality the best. Our ultralight, breathable, all-season fabric is ideal for people with heavy perspiration issues. It is not clingy and breathes with you all day long.

Choose the best breathable fabrics and LIVE FREE with Thread Champs.

No Plastic Color

Natural Cotton & Breathable

Classic elegance with contemporary style

Our ultimate craftsmanship offers you just the right balance. Whether it’s business or weekend casual, our shirts are perfectly suited to your personality.

Let the heads turn to look at you appreciating your dress sense, don’t just settle for the mediocre!

Our shirts are crafted to bring out the best in you, let the stylish look take over and enjoy the soft feel of our superb fabric against your skin.

Sign up with Thread Champs and avail the best ever offers on our freshly arrived shirts to bring out the best in you!