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How To Tie The Perfect Bow Tie

There are certain elements that add antiquated charm to men’s style. The resurgence of the bow tie is a testimony that 21st century, fashion trends are slowly but steadily heading back to the older days of formality. In recent years, the bow tie has grown popular as a neck wear for formal occasions. ..Readmore

How to wear business casual like a boss

Making a professional impression is imperative. It not only exudes confidence but also creates respect among the peers. Gone are the days when the professional look was confined to wearing a proper business suit with a tie and suit pants. Today, the style of dressing for business has become distinctive in nature... Readmore

What to wear for a job interview ?

Why do you need a proper interview attire even if you are brilliant at what you do? If you think you can show case your talent in a just one-hour long interview, probably you don’t need to be in this space any longer. But, that surely is not the case with most of us. Readmore

How to iron a shirt

Have you ever stuck in a situation when suddenly after a long tiring day in office your friends decided to hang out? Obviously you want to go and freshen up before joining them. And suddenly it strikes you that none of your shirts are ironed out. A serious trouble for those who don’t know how... Readmore

Non-Iron vs Wrinkle Free shirt, which is best for you?

Why there is so much buzz about the fabric that offers a solution for wrinkles? Yes, we agree everyone wants to look their best and accept no less. A neat and crisp shirt probably takes people inch closer towards achieving the same. While the objective is quite clear, the options rather are more confusing....

All You Need to Know About a Formal Shirt

The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.” – Mark Twain There is an old proverb “what’s there in the cloth”. Probably held true, may be a thousand of years ago. Today, the meaning of having a gracious attire has magnified multifold. Readmore