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  • 16 Stitches per Inch
  • Single Needle Stitching
  • Split Yoke
  • Shanked Buttons
  • Fused Interlining Collar
  • Matching Pattern

There is a famous proverb “what’s there in the cloth”.

Yeah! held true, may be a thousand of years ago. Today, the meaning of having a gracious attire has magnified multi-fold.

It is probably the first step towards building a character. A cloth in its true sense is the reflection of a person’s status and personality.


Enjoy the ultimate craftsmanship.


Enjoy the perfect shirt for all occasion

Stop compromising

Go for the very best!

Ultimate Shirt for my family

Enjoy the compliments from all !


For a true gentleman.


Holds on to its structure even after repeated wash.

Ultimate Craftsmanship

No doubt, your outer reflection holds great significance, how you feel inside is equally important. Therefore, the detailing of your shirt holds the key to your eternal self. Thread Champs is committed to give utmost care in product detailing.

We have always given priority to specific details that customers want in our products. The fabrics are made from scratch to assure you of the high performance and longevity that characterizes our shirts. We have always personally checked the quality rigorously, irrespective of how time-consuming or laborious the quality checks run in to. We ensure in the process that our customers are getting better than what they wanted from us.

Here are the features that make a perfect formal shirt

2 Ply Super 100 Fabric – Ply is the number of yarns twisted together to make a single thread. Two-ply fabrics are generally finer with a tighter weave than 1-ply fabrics. Yarn count is the number of threads per square inch within the fabric. Directly affecting the yarn count is how fine or wide the yarn fibre is within the fabric. Larger fibres in diameter take up more space; so, will have a smaller thread count. A premium shirting fabric made with two-ply threads (two individual threads are twisted together) which make it durable, soft, and very aristocratic in look. We make sure our shirts are made only from 2 Ply 100s fabrics.

Thread count of any fabric plays a critical role in deciding wrinkle-free feature of your shirt. Heavy thread count fabric (120-180) or thinner fabrics with single ply are wrinkled easily. 2-ply, 100 thread count, construction is the best choice to resist the wrinkles. That’s why Thread Champs has always emphasized to make a shirt with these specifications.

100% Cotton – The real advantage of 100% cotton fabrics is their smoothness. They feel better to the skin, have a finer drape and are more breathable. Natural fibres like cotton are usually soft and comfortable, but the quality of any fibre comes down to things like how it’s grown, milled, finished and woven. This is why Thread Champs Shirts are only 100% cotton shirts.

16 Stitches Per Inch- Over many years, research into stitched or ready-to-wear garments has proven that changes occurring after laundering were largely due to alterations in the loop shape, rather than yarn or loop length shrinkage. Fabric tightness or stitch density affects significantly the structural behaviour of cotton shirts during relaxation. 16 stitches per inch is a unique highest standard for the best-stitched garments. But combined with this hand in hand goes the consistency of the stitching and we ensure both are maintained in our shirts. We are proud of our Quality Assurance Team who ensure the consistency and density of stitching in Thread Champs shirts.

Matching Patterns – Easy to identify in case of checks or stripes, when the cloth for a shirt is cut, in a case of best shirts in the market, great care is taken to ensure that the checks or stripes match when stitched finally. One can easily identify this in the front pleat and in the area the arm is stitched to the arm hole in the shirts. It goes a long way to simply express the great truth “We care about how you look when you wear our shirts” – That is Thread Champs Shirts!

Superior Single Needle Stitching – The main advantages of single needle stitching are durability, a smooth finish and comfort to the skin even after repeated laundering. This is due to the lock stitch hence the single needle stitching is superior to double needle sewing. The best place to find out if a shirt is stitched with a single needle or two needles is along the seam of the shirt. A well-constructed single-seam-stitches is smooth as glass and tight as a drum. You can easily see a single clean line or even well-locked stitches if it is a single needle stitched shirt. Thread Champs Shirts come only in single needle stitching.

Shank Button – Our shirt’s buttons are sewn using a shank for extra durability. Shank also allows your shirt to hang and drape nicely. We will never leave the buttons of our shirts without a shank, thus never making the customer go through the difficulty of trying to button a tightly stitched un-shank button.

Fused Interlining Collar – The collar of poorly made shirts easily give away the secret as soon as we wear them the first time. There is stiff plastic stitched inside the collar to make it keep standing rigidly and giving your neck an uncomfortably rigid nudge. Often this plastic will lose its shape or even break or crack during laundering again and again. The collar of the shirt is dead! Not so with Thread Champs shirts, we offer only fused interlining that remains same even after repeated washes. Our collars stand up to frame your face such that it receives all the attention and makes you smile with the comfort it gives your neck.

With our unique products, you get nothing but the best experience imaginable. They are here to make your all-day-long activity a whole new experience.

Classic elegance with contemporary style

Our ultimate craftsmanship offers you just the right balance. Whether it’s business or weekend casual, our shirts are perfectly suited to your personality.

Let the heads turn to look at you appreciating your dress sense, don’t just settle for the mediocre!

Our shirts are crafted to bring out the best in you, let the stylish look take over and enjoy the soft feel of our superb fabric against your skin.

Sign up with Thread Champs and avail the best ever offers on our freshly arrived shirts to bring out the best in you!.