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Why Do You Need A Proper Interview Attire Even If You Are Brilliant At What You Do?

If you think you can show case your talent in a just one-hour long interview, probably you don’t need to be in this space any longer. But, that surely is not the case with most of us.

The irony is it takes hours for an interviewer to select you but, your rejection may take less than a minute. You certainly do not want to waste an opportunity just by wearing something inappropriate.

Some might argue why to misrepresent yourself to your potential employer as you won’t be wearing such stuff later once on the job. Let me tell you one thing- it’s not your dress that will land you a job but, a proper outfit shows your professionalism and that you respect the job.

Choosing The Right Outfit For An Interview

Perhaps, all the job seekers are plagued with the question of what to wear for an interview, and no one seems to have the perfect answer. The good news is: You don’t need to browse through pages on the internet or flip through style magazines to know about the right interview outfit. Especially, the men’s interview attire has been relatively static over the years. The perfect interview ensemble can be decided based on the following scenarios.

Type Of Organization-

Every organization is different and hence, the dressing environment. While big corporates stick to the more organized, sophisticated way of dressing, start-ups are more casual in that front. Make sure to do a little bit research before the encounter.

Some companies have a specific dress code where man and woman both wear suit in the work place. Wearing uptight jacket and flashy outfit will definitely back fire in such place. Wearing suit with no tie is considered informal in some private firms, while there are organizations where it is perfectly OK to wear a sweater over a formal shirt.

It’s always a good idea to ask about what to wear in the interview during your preliminary call with HR or company executives. Enquire about the organization atmosphere whether it’s a business professional or business casual.

Suits are the norm in business professional environment. Blazer or suit jacket can be worn over a button-down shirt with a tie, suit pants and dress shoes.

Business casual requires no suit. You may go for a button down or polo shirt, chinos or dress slacks, a belt and dress shoes.

Wearing a suit in an interview is not always a must. There are academic institutes where staff including the senior members may not be wearing suits. Trying to be showy or dressing better than the interviewer could put you in trouble.

Post You Are Interviewing For-

Senior level employees and managers must wear a suit or blazer. Single-breasted suit with two-button style looks more elegant. Navy blue blazer or dark grey suit worn over a light coloured shirt works great. Pair them with a matching dotted or check tie and black-lace dress shoes.

If not sure about the work attire, try to wear light coloured blazer with coordinating pants. This combination always works whether the company requires a business formal or business casual. If the nature of interviewis multi-phase, make sure you do not repeat your attire.

For the entry level guys suit is not a must. A light-blue striped shirt with grey dress pants is perfect to land for the interview. They can be paired with a navy-blue blazer and a quiet tie to look more professional. The best thing about navy-blue blazer is, it goes with numerous shirt colors and can also be worn with khakis, grey slacks or chinos.

Entry level guys can wear the same blazer with the combination of different shirts, suit pants and ties for further rounds. Always wear a watch but it should not be too sporty. You may also want to have a pair of check or small stripe pattern ties to match with your formal shirt.

Things To Avoid

A sport jacket or shoes are too casual and definitely not made for an interview. Dark colour shirts, jeans or any casual dress should be avoided. Avoid black or tan suit as they are not interview appropriate. Don’t show up in an ill-fitted clothing. Never use a perfume or any kind of spray, they can be a distraction during an interview.

Always Look Polished

You have all the rights to look modern and stylish, but your attire should be work-place appropriate. Your shirt should be crisp, wrinkle free and well-ironed. You should be comfortable in the interview outfit so try to go with 100% cotton fabric.

A good proper dress does not guarantee your selection, but it certainly boosts it. Picking your interview attire thoughtfully is necessary for a good first impression. The rest will lie on your performance.

Dress to impress. Dress for success.