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Wrinkles may look good on your face; your shirt surely has a different story.

For all the office freaks, sitting on the office chair for long duration is a norm. Some do it all day long rubbing their shirts off the chair. Walking on the office aisle with a shirt that looks like as if it has been balled up or stuffed in a small envelope certainly doesn’t create a good impression, does it?

Wear a smile not wrinkles

Set yourself free with the wrinkle-free cotton shirts.

Why we get wrinkles on the shirt

Heat and water (moisture) are the main reasons that make your shirt wrinkle. When hot, the fibres of a normal fabric like nylon, wool, and polyester shift into to one position. The fibres shift to another position once it gets cooled. That’s why normal fabrics are most likely to be wrinkled

Wrinkle resistant cotton fabric

Cotton unlike other fabrics does not hold its shape. It takes moisture out of your body and dries quickly. So, it does not hold on to a position for long giving you a wrinkle resistant, packable fabric. Our shirts are specially designed to keep you fresh by sucking up the moisture out of your body thus keeping you live free all-day long.

Modern wrinkle-free fabrics still have durability issue to deal with, which is why they are often mixed with sturdy, flexible synthetic materials like nylon. At Thread Champs, we pay special attention towards fabric manufacturing. Our shirts are specially fabricated to give the experience you never had before without compromising on the quality front. With our 100% cotton fabrics, you are sure to have a wrinkle free experience through long and tardy office hours.

Have a wrinkle-free experience with the best cotton shirts.

Classic elegance with contemporary style

Our ultimate craftsmanship offers you just the right balance. Whether it’s business or weekend casual, our shirts are perfectly suited to your personality. Let the heads turn to look at you appreciating your dress sense, don’t just settle for the mediocre! Our shirts are crafted to bring out the best in you, let the stylish look take over and enjoy the soft feel of our superb fabric against your skin. Sign up with Thread Champs and avail the best ever offers on our freshly arrived shirts to bring out the best in you!